People who know my work

“Morten is a passionate journalist and engagement expert. He’s at his best when working collaboratively to pursue innovative ideas for journalism to better serve and engage with it’s audience. I had the pleasure to work with Morten in 2019 and 2020, as part of the team that led the expansion of the American consulting company Hearken in Europe”

federica cherubini

Head of Leadership Development, Reuters Institute, Oxford

“Morten is an expert on audience engagement. He not only is passionate and persuasive about why organizations should engage their stakeholders, but he has the methodologies, tools and skills to help them be successful. In a world in which quantity often surpasses quality, Morten is always focused on providing authentic, meaningful and transformative engagement experiences. He has played a profound role in establishing Hearken in Europe, providing customized strategic support for both small and large scale newsrooms across the continent. He helps individuals and organizations re-orient their thinking around their relationship to those they serve, and drives results for loyalty and the bottom line. He’s a compelling speaker, trainer and a very caring and attentive consultant. I’d highly recommend Morten to support engagement work, no matter how new or practiced you are at engagement.”

jennifer brandel

Founder and SVP of global partnerships, Hearken Inc.

“[In Danish] Morten og jeg arbejdede sammen på TV 2 News på programmet NewScience, hvor vi skulle banke et nyt tiltag op fra bunden. Mortens opgave var bl.a. at forbinde en flyvsk fremtidsforsker med store visioner, med et professionelt nyhedsteam og en stringent sendeflade, hvilket han gjorde helt fantastisk. Morten er dygtig, dedikeret, sjov og skarp. Han vil være et kup for enhver organisation, der tager sin egen kommunikation alvorligt og som vil sætte en agenda på en anderledes, nyskabende og fremtidsorienteret måde.”


Futurist and keynote speaker, Universal Futurist